Testimonial regarding
Bill Douglas's SMARTaichi

Anthology of Qigong Relaxation
Therapy & Mind Expansion

A little over a week ago I entered the local Borders to get a book I

believed would assist me with the weight problems and eating disorder I

have struggled with for years. While I was there, even though I was in

a hurry, I felt prompted to look at a certain table. I’ve learned not

to ignore those feelings, so I looked. I felt drawn to your CD of

QiGong Relaxation Therapy and Mind Expansion. Even though it wasn’t

out in plain sight, and once I had it in my hands I still didn’t really

know what it was all about, I decided to get it anyway.

I told my Mom about it later that day, and we listened to the

introduction together on the way to have lunch. Both of us are very

enthusiastic about healing and light work, though neither of us are

experts. We’re on our Journey.

It wasn’t until Wednesday night I finally made time to put it in and

give it a go. I never before realized how caught up I was in “making”

feelings and “trying” to envision things until I did the exercise with

your CD. Once I truly let go was when I began to feel the healing take

place on a cellular level, which is not a new concept to me, just a

perpetually elusive one until now. I had been in meditations similar

to QiGong before, but this was so thorough, and so well guided, that I

finally experienced what I always knew I could experience.

The things you said on the CD about letting go of images and not trying

to make or feel always seemed to be directed right at me. Eventually,

I trusted you to guide me through the process, and I let go! And it

was easy! (Who knew? Relaxation doesn’t have to be exhausting!)

I’ve gone to bed the last 2 nights feeling safe and whole. I don’t

have a conscious memory of a time when I felt that peaceful feeling as

I was alone in my room. I was sexually assaulted six months ago, and

the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have left me with little

sleep, and very disturbed sleep at that. You can imagine how drastic

of a shift this new feeling of well-being and protection was for me.

And last night I decided I would contact you, because I knew there was

so much more to be gained from this stuff. I was so thrilled to find

out that you offer classes, and that you are local! I have heard of

T’ai Chi, and was interested, but never pursued it. Financially, it’s

not an option right away, but I know I can create that opportunity in

the near future.

The bottom line is; I’m so grateful to have this in my life now. Thank

you for making this available for me. It’s been a miracle, and I’m in

gratitude to you for creating this program and making it possible for

me to experience the light and peace that I deserve in my life.

With Love,

R. W.


Today is the day the police are interviewing

the man who perpetrated against me. I've been using the tools

throughout the day to be calm, peaceful, and focused at work. I'm

increasingly grateful when I think of what today would have been like

had I not found your CD. I am doing remarkably well.

Again, thank you so much for everything.

With Love,

R. W.