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The ultimate T'ai Chi & QiGong book
for students and teacher reference!

This book is not only widely acclaimed by students and T'ai Chi champions, but is also used as a new student primer and reference book by teachers all over the world.

"Sifu Douglas explains difficult Chinese concepts very simply using American culture. He takes the best parts of T'ai Chi and explains them without requiring any grounding in Chinese history or culture."

Hong, Yijiao, US T'ai Chi Forms Grand Champion, US Rep. to World Wu Shu Championships, Hong Kong 1999; US Rep to 2000 Pan American Games

"Visionary...this book is all you ever needed to know to change your life. If you only buy one book on T'ai Chi, then this is the book."

Michael Steward, Sr.,
Senior Team USA Coach and Olympic Referee

"The Complete Idiots Guide to T'ai Chi & QiGong"
This groundbreaking book is used worldwide as both a primer for new T'ai Chi instructors. T'ai Chi instructors around the world are finding "The Complete Idiots's Guide to T'ai Chi & QiGong" can dramatically reduce the drop out rate of new students. Team USA Olympic Martial Arts coach and the T'ai Chi Forms Grand Champion rate this book as excellent.
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Reader's Reviews of CIG to T'ai Chi & Qigong

The BEST!!!!!!

I have been interested in Tai Chi and QiGong for many years. I found all of the books interesting but just could not get myself to follow through. This book is fun to read, very motivating and you REALLY do feel a difference. I have found the Sitting QiGong a wonder after work. I wish I could give it more stars!!!!! Hope he writes more books.

E. Young, California

Thoroughly enjoying this!

"I've been doing tai chi for a couple years, just in a home practice, and learned a short form. I wanted some new inspiration so I got the book first and I liked it. . . .

Started in a few weeks ago and I am just loving it!! Bill is an inspiring teacher and I find his approach very encouraging and helpful. It is a lot of fun. The lessons are split up into manageable pieces and on the DVD it is really easy to review things, in slow motion even, if I need to see details. There are also sections where he puts what has been covered all together, so you can do the form "with him," and see how it all links together.

It is great being able to learn from a DVD .. for various reasons a live class wouldn't work for me. And with the DVD I can go at my own pace, in small increments and I practice whenever I need a break from the computer! I am finding this form very enjoyable because the movements feel so good. I know over the last two years I have gotten a lot of health benefits from tai chi and I am sure this DVD will help me get to the next levels. I think the book and DVD complement each other very well. Highly recommended."

-- Beverly D Chiu, Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Just what we need

"I'm a big fan of Bill Douglas's work. When I began looking into Tai Chi, I first picked up Bill's Book and thought it was great. It explained things in very simple terms and defined the ideas very well. I've been mostly working on my Tai Chi alone do to my crazy schedule & lifestyle and its is difficult at best. As soon as I saw this DVD set I grabbed it right up and it has reinvigorated my playing. Bill has single handily opened the doors of Tai Chi to millions around the globe and we are all in great debt to him. I couldn't be happier with this DVD, or recommend it with more enthusasum."

-- Rick McKinney, Boston, Massachussetts

"I took a TaiChi class but needed help with learning the moves to practice outside of the class. One of the other students recommended video, CD, and book by Bill Douglas. Bill's book and DVD are the best. I had purchased other Tai Chi books, but Bill's is by far the most clear and helpful. The illustrations in the book show where you should have your weight distributed. Undeniably the best. The DVD is great as you can stop it where you are having difficulty and work on that move and then go onto the next one. Bill makes TaiChi and QiGong fun. Having experienced a great deal of back pain due to arthritis and osteoporosis, this is something I can do for myself with the help of his instruction and encouragement."

-- Mary Kay, Shawnee, Kansas




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