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2009 inductees to the world internal arts hall of fame in ny

Bill Douglas-2009 inductee to world internal arts hall of fame in ny; Tai Chi author & DVD presenter

SMARTAICHI's presenter/author was commissioned by the University of Kansas Health System to create their "Tai Chi Learning Module." He was commissioned by Prevention Magazine to create their "Tai Chi Tutorial" for their article on boosting immunity naturally using Tai Chi. 


Bill Douglas has traveled the world for 40 years studying and teaching Tai Chi to and from some of the world's greatest minds in Tai Chi and Qigong. The fruits of his life journey through mind-body practices, Taoist philosophy, and health science is offered in his DVD, CD, acclaimed Books, and in his live local classes and presentations worldwide. Bill's uniquely clear and user-friendly approach to Tai Chi is augmented by not just his 40 years experience in Tai Chi, but also due to his being an award winning writer and novelist (see the SHOP tab above for Bill's books and novels). Bill recieved the "Media Excellence Award" from the World Congress on Qigong, for his cutting edge ability to explain these ancient arts in meaningful modern ways.

Bill has been a Tai Chi source for mass media worldwide, including: The New York Times; Wall Street Journal; BBC World Radio; Reader's Digest; WebMD; and his book and DVD were recommended by American Airlines "American Way" inflight Magazine, and by Booklist Magazine, America's premiere library journal.

He was commissioned by Prevention Magazine to create their Tai Chi Tutorial for an article on boosting immunity naturally using Tai Chi, and a Tai Chi Meditation DVD Bill created has been provided to patients by physicians and neurologists throughout the United States.

Bill Douglas has recieved TOP HONORS from the world's most prestigeous Tai Chi & Qigong organizations, including: National Qigong Association; World Congress on Qigong; and the National Tai Chi Chuan Federation.

He is the Founder of WORLD TAI CHI & QIGONG DAY, a global health education event that has exposed over one-billion potential readers/viewers of mass media coverage, held annually in 100s of cities in over 80 nations. Bill's event has been officially proclaimed or supported by: 22 US Governors; Legislatures and Senates, including the State of New York, California, and Puerto Rico; and by the National Congress of Brazil.

Bill is the Official Tai Chi Expert for famed author/naturopathic physician, Dr. Andrew Weil's websites.

Currently, Bill conducts Tai Chi Meditation programs for the University of Kansas Hospital System's Turning Point Center for Hope and Healing.

He has been commissioned by many of the world's  top corporations, government institutions, and major health institutions to teach employees and management Stress Management through the use of Tai Chi Meditation programs he has created, and which are offered through his acclaimed books, DVD and CD.


Video - Bill Douglas teaches the "Amazing Un-Bendable Arm"

Bill's best-selling Tai Chi book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tai Chi & Qigong" explains how Tai Chi teaches us an effortless approach to our lives ... and how in that effortless way we find we are much more powerful than when tense and straining through life.

This videos is an excerpt from the nearly 150 web-video support videos for Bill's book "CIG to Tai Chi & Qigong" (4th editions)

Angela Wong Douglas - 2009 inductee to world internal arts hall of fame; Tai Chi author/presenter

Angela (Oi Yue) Wong was exposed to Tai Chi over 60 years ago, when she followed her mother, Sheung Oi Wong, when she practiced her Tai Chi in their hill top garden overlooking Hong Kong.

After moving to America, and meeting Bill Douglas at the University of Kansas at Fort Hays where she studied Business Administration ... the two married, and then moved to Southern California. It was there that Angela (Oi Yue) Wong, now Mrs. Wong Douglas, resumed her study of Tai Chi with her new husband, Bill Douglas.

Over the next 40 years Angela and Bill studied Tai Chi around the world, and in time began teaching these ancient arts all over the world, as well as locally in their current home town of Kansas City, where they teach for corporations, city governments, and major health institutions, including the University of Kansas Health Network.

Angela has studied four styles of Tai Chi: Guang Ping Yang Style Long Form (see Anthology of Tai Chi & Qigong DVD in the SHOP section, presented by Bill Douglas); and Angela also studied the Mulan Quan Style of Tai Chi with her master from Shanghai, China, studying the Basic Mulan Style (see DVD in SHOP section, presented by Angela); and she also studied the Mulan Quan Fan and Sword Styles.


Video - Angela Wong Douglas Returns to hong kong to study

In this video, author/presenter Angela Wong Douglas (back row in video opening) returns to Hong Kong to study yet another style of Tai Chi with Hong Kong master teacher, Sifu Olive Hui (in foreground of video)