Tai Chi classes meditation 8 week session


tai chi Qigong meditation 8 week session for beginners and advanced


Saturday mornings  - 9:30am to 11am

City of Shawnee 

13817 Johnson Drive

Shawnee, Kansas 66216

Call to reserve your spot: (913) 631-5200

Email: billdouglas@worldtaichiday.org


Thursday evenings  - 6:30pm to 8pm 

City of Leawood 

4800 Town Center Drive
Leawood, KS 66211

Call to reserve your spot: 913-663-9154

Email: billdouglas@worldtaichiday.org

Classes led by globally acclaimed Tai Chi instructors (scroll down to learn more)

Classes involve Sitting Qigong Relaxation Meditation * Moving Qigong Gentle Moving Meditation * and Instruction in the Guang Ping Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form. These classes have changed many people's lives, and are FUN :-)

World class tai chi & qigong taught in kansas city metro ...

Best-selling Tai Chi authors live & "teach Tai Chi in KC/JC metro area"


Local Tai Chi teachers, Bill & Angela Wong Douglas, are best-selling Tai Chi book authors and they live and teach in the Kansas City metro/Johnson County, KS area ... but their teaching is world acclaimed and has changed people's lives around the globe!  In 2009 they were chosen from among Tai Chi/Qigong teachers worldwide to be the "2009 Inductees to the World Internal Arts Hall of Fame."

BILL & ANGELA TEACH IN THE KANSAS CITY/JOHNSON COUNTY, KS METRO AREA ... offering ongoing classes on Tai Chi Meditation through the City of Shawnee and the City of Leawood.

Shawnee classes are Saturday mornings
To enroll call: 913-631-5200         

Leawood classes are Thursday evenings

To enroll call: 913-663-9154         

What do KC area students think of Bill & Angie's classes?         

"If a money value could be placed on what is being offered here,
it would be worth millions and millions of dollars."
-- Bill Lowenstein, of the Lowenstein Foundation, a student in Bill's KC area classes


 SMARTAICHI's presenter/author was commissioned by the University of Kansas Health System to create their "Tai Chi Learning Module." He was commissioned by Prevention Magazine to create their "Tai Chi Tutorial" for their article on boosting immunity naturally using Tai Chi.



KC Tai Chi Teachers chosen from among tai chi/qigong teachers worldwide to be 2009 inductees


In 2009, Kansas City metro area Tai Chi teachers, Bill & Angela Wong Douglas, were flown to New York to receive the honor of being chosen as the "2009 Inductees to the World Internal Arts (TaiChi/Qigong) Hall of Fame ...

SMARTaichi presenters, and Leawood/Shawnee Tai Chi teachers, Bill and Angela have received TOP HONORS from major Tai Chi and Qigong organizations around the globe for their Tai Chi and Qigong health education work.




Bill was commissioned to teach for management and employees of many of the world's largest corporations and for major institutions: Hallmark, Black & Veatch, Associated Wholesale Grocers, National Catholic Youth Conference, Catholic Hospice Workers, the American Heart Association, ALS Association, the National Council on the Aging, etc.

Bill has been a Tai Chi Source for media worldwide, including: Reader's Digest; WebMD; Prevention Magazine, SELF Magazine; Strive Magazine; New York Times; Wall Street Journal; China's Xinhua News Agency; BBC World Radio; Hong Kong's South China Morning Post; etc.

Local KC Tai Chi teachers have been lauded with major awards from the world's top Tai Chi & Qigong organizations: National Qigong Association; World Congress on Qigong; National Tai Chi Chuan Federation; Brazil's Being Tao Association who honored Bill with an honorary doctorate degree in Chinese Medicine.


Video - see testimonials of real students from these classes

Local PBS affiliate, KCPT, interviewed students in Bill & Angie's local KC area Tai Chi Meditation classes ... explaining how their lives have been profoundly changed.

And their acclaimed DVD and book programs have changed the lives of people worldwide ... see below amazing testimonials.

national qigong association honors bill & angela

nqa - national Qigong association's "extraordinary service in the field of qigong" award

SMARTaichi Presenters, Leawood/Shawnee Teachers, Bill & Angela Wong Douglas ... are awarded the National Qigong Association's top honor "Extraordinary Service in the Field of Qigong" at their national symposium in Maryland, USA


world congress on qigong honors bill & angela

world congress on qigong's "media excellence in field of qigong" award

SMARTaichi Presenters, Leawood/Shawnee Teachers, Bill & Angela Wong Douglas ... are awarded the World Congress on Qigong's top honor "Media Excellence in the Field of Qigong" at their international Congress in San Francisco, California


these folks "wish" they lived in the kc area ... like you do

Local Tai Chi teachers books and dvd have changed people's lives ...

Leawood and Shawnee, Kansas Tai Chi Meditation teacher's book was recommended by American Airlines American Way Inflight Magazine ... and their globally acclaimed DVD on Tai Chi was rated "excellent" by Booklist Magazine (America's premiere library journal) ... AND JUST THINK ... YOU CAN TAKE THESE "LIVE CLASSES" WITH THE AUTHORS RIGHT HERE IN KANSAS CITY WHERE THEY LIVE :-)


 "Living an extremely unhealthy life style & taking numerous medications for arthritis, depression, and pain . . . then one day while browsing in the library I discovered a book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi and QiGong. I was so impressed that I ordered Bill's videos [Anthology of T'ai Chi & Qigong: The Prescription for the Future]. Now that I am practicing T'ai Chi and QiGong daily I am off most of my medications. People keep telling me I look "different" and that I look happy. Well, I am happy and I feel great! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
-- Dave Long, Washington 


"A must have for stressed people. In my daily work I get loads of stress, which causes my shoulders and neck to tighten up ... That's why I bought Bill Douglas's DVD ... I was impressed by the sitting Qi Gong exercise as I felt really what Bill said. It calmed me down and I felt it during the following days too. I am learning now also the Tai Chi movements and every evening I am looking forword to my 'unstressing moments of Tai Chi'. Even during stressed moments I think to my 'unstressed moments' and I can control my stress/emotions.

Thanks Bill for being the guide.

-- Johan Pyfferoen, Veurne, Belgium


"I'd like to say that your videos are the best Tai chi videos I've seen. You explain everything in detail, and the steps are easy to follow ..."

-- Francesca Sato, Rome, Italy


"As a practitioner of taichi and qigong after discovering Bill Douglas's book and DVD (both of great help), I know the benefits because it has helped reduced my anxiety/panic attacks significantly. Best wishes and continue the great work in educating the world to the benefits of tai chi
-- Fee Young, United Kingdom


"From the perspective of a health psychologist serving patients who are coping with chronic illness and stressful life events, I see the gentle mindfulness exercises of T’ai Chi and QiGong relaxation therapy as potentially useful for a broad spectrum of people. The author of this book, Bill Douglas, explains the complexities of T’ai Chi and QiGong in the form of an invitation, easing his students into a greater understanding of the usefulness and purpose of this ancient form of meditative movement."

—Kristy Straits-Troster, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Primary Care Medicine


"After leaving my very first T’ai Chi class with the author of this book, I remember driving home and it was as if someone had opened up every one of my senses. It was an overwhelming sense of happiness that swept over me. It was at that very moment I knew T’ai Chi is something I want in my life forever."

—Lisa Shikles, Shawnee, Kansas


"During a time of high stress levels at work I began to have heavy Parkinson’s type tremors. At a psychiatrist’s recommendation I began taking Xanax, but the anxiety still continued. After my very first T’ai Chi class with this book’s author, I was so calm I forgot to take my Xanax that afternoon. Before this I’d anxiously looked forward to each dose. … I’ve told my therapist to tell other patients about T’ai Chi."

—Tarren Rains, Edwardsville, Kansas



"Bill, here is my story about how Tai Chi made me the star of the day.

I was playing in a softball game, elementary teachers against middle school teachers. It had been a very boring game. Most of the base runners got on base through errors, dropped balls, bad throws, etc. But the middle school team was ahead. (I played on the elementary team.) The pressure was on me when I came to bat in the last inning with two runners on base.

I recalled you telling our Tai Chi class about Tiger Woods having such a powerful swing due in part to his early practice in Qigong. You said he swung from his Dan Tien. As I approached homeplate and assumed my batting stance, I thought about this. My eyes focused on the ball, but my body and mind were focusing on my Dan Tien.

The first pitch I swung. I was stunned as the ball sailed far over the outfielders heads. I stood at the plate and watched until the sounds of people hollering, "Run, run," registered with me."

-- Anna Jones, Kansas



"I have found so many health benefits since beginning Bill Douglas’s T’ai Chi program, which I began during a nervous breakdown with panic, chest pains, fatigue, and chronic migraines. I saw Bill’s T’ai Chi and QiGong program information and I gave it a try. I felt sudden and immediate benefits. My chest pain started to go away, my heavy fatigue went away, my nervousness calmed. My migraines are now nonexistent, as is the severe hay fever I’d had since childhood. And if that isn’t enough, I have also lost my craving for fatty foods I once used to soothe my stress, and am now losing weight."

—Tina Webb, Shawnee, Kansas


"Since beginning Bill Douglas’s T’ai Chi program, I have taught the exercises I learned for the past five years in our Pain Management multi-disciplinary program at Research Medical Center. My clients have found improved breathing, larger mobility, better posture, improved balance and coordination, flexibility, increased endurance and strength, and relaxation."

—Berni Wheeler, Occupational Therapist, Kansas City


"I had the privilege of studying T’ai Chi with this book’s author, Bill Douglas. As a practicing physician, there are certainly times where stress can seem to be the norm. I found T’ai Chi to be profoundly beneficial in reducing stress, increasing mental clarity, and improving my emotional as well as physical health. Where else can you find such a highly effective tool to achieve these worthwhile goals without fancy equipment or complicated formulas? If T’ai Chi can help with stress in an ER room where lives often hang in the balance, imagine what it can do for everyone else!"

—John D. Hernandez, M.D., Integrative Medicine (formerly of Kansas City)


"It has been a year since I began practicing T’ai Chi under the teaching of the author of this book, Bill Douglas and his associate instructor Erik Feagans. This span of time certainly allows me to evaluate the result of this gentle “martial art,” not only as stress management therapy but, more impressively, with regard to its effect on my physical health.

Suffering for years from chronic neck pain consequent to a whiplash injury, and also suffering from a limited motion of the right shoulder, I approached the T’ai Chi course with some skepticism. The course was initiated after unsuccessful sessions of physical therapy, including mobilization, ultrasounds, heat application, etc. After two months of T’ai Chi, the pain in the cervical region disappeared while the range of motion of my right shoulder returned completely to normal. This achievement remained unchanged during the past winter up until now.

I would not hesitate to recommend T’ai Chi to individuals suffering from the same ailments as well as to mature persons who are seeking to maintain or improve their health and to remain free of chronic pain due to the aging process."

—Loredana Brizio-Molteni, M.D., F.A.C.S., (a surgeon) Kansas City


My attitude, since the first few lessons, changed, due to your effectiveness and to your ability to teach this gentle “martial art.” I was suffering for symptoms related to osteoarthritis of the left coxofemoral joint, and, in addition, I was suffering from neck pain with limited motion. This symptomology disappeared with the T’ai Chi exercises. My physician’s recommendation is to continue with the practice of T’ai Chi. I would pass the same recommendation to individuals with similar sedentary life styles as well as to people involved in activity, which requires exertion of the musculoskeletal system.

—Agostino Molteni, M.D., Ph.D. (a pharmacologist) Kansas City


Since beginning Bill’s T’ai Chi program, my resting heart rate has gone from 81 to 61. It’s amazing!

—Anne Bauman, Kansas


I found that the Energy Work (Sitting QiGong) and breath work, learned in Bill’s T’ai Chi program, to be calming and to have that effect on those around me as well, including a returning patient who was hallucinating and having panic attacks. By walking with him and breathing deeply, the patient eventually calmed and laid down breathing evenly to await the doctor.

Psychotherapist, Kansas City Area


After studying Tai Chi with this book’s author I found an illness of the digestive system I’d had for several years has essentially disappeared. My energy levels remain high, even when I’m fighting an illness, and I get sick much less often.

—Tom Hansen, Lenexa, Kansas


TOP NOTCH DVD! This is by far the best instructional DVD I have ever purchased. Bill gives you complete instructions/demonstrations (from several angles) and gives you the opportunity to incorporate each lesson into the skills you have already learned. The sitting QiGong segment will leave you totally relaxed and ready to tackle our hectic world. The principles described here will change your life - if you let it!

If you've been considering T'ai Chi.......BUY THIS DVD!

-- Chris Owens, Kansas City


Easy. Authentic. Comprehensive. Fun. These words describe my views of Bill Douglas' DVD. During the past eight weeks, I have been practicing T'ai Chi in my living room by learning and following Bill's demonstrations of this ancient chinese martial art. Anybody can do it under his tutelage. I'm 72 and I'm finding its mind-body benefits well worth the price. I wish I had discovered this marvelous art 30 years ago. I recommend it to all ages.
A convenient and fun way to learn T'ai Chi!

Bill Douglas's T'ai Chi & Qigong: The Prescription for the Future is excellent. Bill has a wonderful way of teaching so that even beginners can catch on quickly. The practice sessions are particularly helpful as they allow you to go back, review and practice the movements previously taught. I highly recommend the video series and was delighted to see it is now available in dvd as well.

-- Robert H. Kobler, Bonner Springs, Kansas


Best in it's Field, Perfect for Beginners & Refining Moves. I practice outside, so don't use the DVD daily, but sure is nice to review and refine a new movement whenever I want to! Have tried other styles on VHS, but this version and the way it is presented, is MUCH easier to pick up, and very relaxing. Still have a way to go, but now I can improve on movements and breathing by reviewing even the earlier lessons. Our instructors say "It took the Chinese 400 years to develop T'ai Chi, so we have plenty of time to get it right." Always thought I'd like to learn T'ai Chi, THANKS Bill!

-- Janice Langham, Leavenworth, Kansas


A convenient and fun way to learn T'ai Chi! Bill Douglas's T'ai Chi & Qigong: The Prescription for the Future is excellent. Bill has a wonderful way of teaching so that even beginners can catch on quickly. The practice sessions are particularly helpful as they allow you to go back, review and practice the movements previously taught. I highly recommend the video series and was delighted to see it is now available in dvd as well.

-- Lenexa, KS