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What is Illumination Corporation? author, and DVD presenter, Bill Douglas, is also an award winning novelist, whose unique fiction is a combination of nail-biting technological thrillers with an ethereal quality interwoven with a visionary narrative of possible futures for humanity. But his webpage is designed to expand the mind by recommending interviews, documentaries, films, books, etc. that provide a greater vision of possibility for our lives and our world.  ENJOY!

2012 The Awakening, by Bill Douglas

"2012 The Awakening" was chosen Best Awakening Fiction of the Year by Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine. 

"What a gift …" writes Deepak Chopra on "2012 The Awakening," a profoundly unique book lauded by Time Magazine's Whistleblower of the Year, Coleen Rowley, NY Times best-selling author, Steve Alton (author of MEG), etc.

Its core character and heroine, Ravi Shyalaman, is a Tai Chi and Yoga master who finds herself at the center of global intrigue that threatens the progression of the entire human race.

Ravi's story becomes a story of human history, telling a tale of millennia of humanity's spiritual history and social history with headlines of the current day.

While, according to readers/reviewers, entertains with a nail-biting technological thriller tale that kept them on the edge of their seat through the course of this fast paced adventure.

A Conspiracy of Spirits, by Bill Douglas

In "A Conspiracy of Spirits" award winning novelist, Bill Douglas, takes us on another fast paced roller coaster ride of global intrigue, driven by visionary technological insight into a world of unimaginable potential.  

In this novel, at the center are 3 women: a Kansas school teacher, her ADHD diagnosed student--a young daughter of poor undocumented Mexican parents. and an elderly Chinese immigrant who has practiced Tai Chi for many decades developing a state of consciousness that would be required to help the teacher and her pupil survive an onslaught that holds the future of our planet in the balance.

David W. Menefee, gave it an enthusiastic 5 out of 5 stars, commenting:

"With books and films, people often say, 'They don't make them like they used to.' They are wrong ... Bill Douglas is one of the most remarkable writers of our generation. His craftsmanship ranks with the best of the old masters, and when I say in the review that the climax reaches "sublime proportions," I meant that sincerely. 

Bill writes on a par with Charles Dickens. I greatly enjoyed this book, and I tremendously admire the writing skill. Someone in Hollywood should option this book now. I hope Bill will continue to muse about the great themes of life. Those issues, when mixed within a broth of good, evil, and melodrama, strike a primordial core within people.

Bill, many of us look forward to your next work!

-- David W. Menefee; Pulitzer nominated author 

Illumination Corporation is not just to share Bill's visionary novels, but a "visionary resource."

Illumination Corporation shares trailers for some visionary films, interviews, and documentaries … in the hope of providing an oasis of possibility for those hungry for a glimpse of a larger world … and to provide resources to validate that hunger that so many in the world find pushing at the seams of their soul.

Bill's Tai Chi, Qigong, Mind-Body DVD/CD enables readers to "experience" expansion

Although Bill thoroughly enjoyed creating entertaining visionary fiction, his goal is to actually offer transformative experiences for his readers … in the form of his globally acclaimed Tai Chi & Qigong DVD, CD, and non-fiction Tai Chi and Taoism books. Click "Shop" for Bill's non-fiction books and CD and DVD programs.

bill Douglas's award winning inspirational non-fiction


The Amateur Parent: A Book on Life, Death, War & Peace, and Everything Else in the Universe

"The Amateur Parent: A Book on Life, Death, War & Peace, and Everything Else in the Universe"

This book's vignette, "Little League Baseball" was the United States winner of the AOL/Chicken Soup for the Soul Award writer's award.  Each of these unique stories of the universal events in a parent's life unfold to embrace the world at large and the flower of humanity.  Bill's one of a kind book achieves what William Blake described in his renowned line, "To see a World in a Grain of Sand, And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour" ...

As the title says, "a book on life, death, war, and peace, and everything else in the universe!" 

Not a smarmy candy-coated version of life, but a profoundly inspirational book that explores and celebrates all the great issues of our time and our lives through the everyday experiences of . . . an Amateur Parent (aren't we all?). 

This collection of two or so page vignettes weave together a tapestry that readers have called, "Moving!" "Magical" and "A rare book of truth." 

This book was the product of an angelic experience it's author Bill Douglas had, reinforced by a miraculous message from his mother who'd passed away years before. However, as ethereal as it's inspiration was, the tales told in it's pages are folksy, down to earth, and yet at the same time expansive and profound. 

Both hysterical and heart breaking, the common thread of all the adventures of amateur parenthood within it's pages, is compassion. You will discover that you are not alone in the self doubts and issues you confront in parenthood and life. And you will shed some tears and share some laughs with the entire human race, as this book's universal message helps you feel a part of a greater whole of the amateur human beings that inhabit this beautiful world.


Bill Douglas' first book was described as "Visionary!" by top experts in the field. However, as Bill contends in this his newest book, The Amateur Parent, there are no top experts in parenthood, it's "on the job training all the way." 

Bill's acclaimed writing career began with a miracle. An angel visited Amateur Parent author, Bill Douglas, one magical night and he never saw the world the same again. He began writing down his insights into life, but became discouraged and doubtful about his writing, until another miracle occurred. Bill's mother who'd passed away years before returned to encourage him to continue writing, saying, "people will find comfort and truth in it." 

Bill sees in the ordinary events of life the "infinite" and the "eternal." His ability to lift your soul and tickle your funny bone, while stretching your heart to the point of breaking, is like a roller coaster of the spirit. 

Through Bill's insights you'll find yourself noticing the miraculous in the mundane, the cosmic in the comic, and "the essential truth of everything and everyone." 


What a book!  And what a nice man...  For anyone out there who thinks they may not be doing such a great job at this parent thing it's a great read... you realise that you're actually not doing too bad, that you can't be perfect all the time and are allowed to make mistakes - and learn from them, because after all that's what they're for.  It makes you think, then it hits you that however long your childs life is it isn't that long at all... I for one will take a little step back, take a deep breath and enjoy my son a little more.

-- Kaz

One of my favorite memories growing up was sitting around the fire pit in my grandparent's backyard.  Those summer nights with the crisp breezes would carry embers of the roaring fire my Grandfather couldn't help feeding.  With every twig or twist of paper he'd poke in, a story would ignite.  Its those "I remember when's" that educated me, inspired me, molded me and triggered my youthful imagination.

Now, thirteen years after his passing, the embers no longer blow in the crisp breeze . . . but the "I remember when's" are continuing on.  Only now, instead of embracing my Grandfather's spirited recollections and insights, it is the words of others I am capturing.  William Isaac Douglas, author of the Amateur Parent, pens the words of the latest "I remember when's" and tales of insight I drank in.

These words, however, are different.  Douglas intertwines lessons and pieces of nostalgic moments into bits of writing and pieces of poetry all sprinkled with wit and humor.  At just the right moment, you'll find quotations from singers, writers and the like.  While learning about him and his family, you can't help but learn about you and yours.

This inspirational work, comprising of 154 pages, is a relatively quick read.  I wasn't able to put it down - each turn of the page unfolded a mystery both within the life of his amateur parenthood and my own.  I found myself related to a lot of what he wrote and expecting to experience that which had nothing to do with me or my family.  This book taught me that the journey never ends and the journey of my own parents continues.

-- Jennifer Hollowell, Editor, This Book Reviewer