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people often come to smartaichi's program for stress and health ... & then find their game improves


Whether your game is tennis, golf, baseball ... you name it ... SMARTAICHI's Program will take your game to a another level.  SMARTAICHI provides workshops/classes for athletes and sports teams, golf clubs, or anyone seeking to improve their sports performance with proven mind-body techniques THAT WORK.

"If you watched the Sunday Night Football game between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs in October of 2018 ... you saw a clip of quarterback legend Tom Brady showing how his passes don't come from his arm ... but from what he called "the torque" from his pelvis.

SMARTaiChi's combination of meditation, Moving Qigong, and Tai Chi instruction "loosens" the body, and teaches how to focus on moving from the Dan Tien (center of gravity in the pelvis) ... thereby improving YOUR pelvic torque, and it will change the way you hit a golf ball, tennis ball, baseball ... or throw a football."
-- Bill Douglas, SMARTAICHI Presenter/author

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"I play golf with buddies from work. Since taking Bill's [SMARTAICHI] classes, my drives have gotten much longer, my putts much more accurate, and I'm beating my friends consistently now. No, I haven't told them about SMARTAICHI, I'm having too much fun beating them."

-- Shawnee, KS SMARTAICHI student

"Here is my story about how Tai Chi made me the star of the day.

I was playing in a softball game, elementary teachers against middle school teachers. It had been a very boring game. Most of the base runners got on base through errors, dropped balls, bad throws, etc. But the middle school team was ahead. (I played on the elementary team.) The pressure was on me when I came to bat in the last inning with two runners on base.

I recalled you [SMARTAICHI's Bill Douglas] telling our Tai Chi class about Tiger Woods having such a powerful swing due in part to his early practice in Qigong. You said he swung from his Dan Tien. As I approached homeplate and assumed my batting stance, I thought about this. My eyes focused on the ball, but my body and mind were focusing on my Dan Tien.

The first pitch I swung. I was stunned as the ball sailed far over the outfielders heads. I stood at the plate and watched until the sounds of people hollering, "Run, run," registered with me. I was able to make it around the bases before the ball was thrown into the infield. The elementary teachers won the game."

-- Anna Jones, Kansas


In many many ways. See below video on the amazing "Unbendable Arm" to see how Tai Chi teaches that real power comes from being relaxed in motion. Tai Chi teaches us how to relax by optimizing postural alignment, and training in "effortless motion." It teaches how to let the force come from the Earth below, and through our relaxed bodies, into the push, pull, throw, swing ... SMARTAICHI's unique Tai Chi Meditation program deepens this and expedites its effect, by combining deep Qigong meditation, with gentle moving mindfulness meditation, and Tai Chi.

SMARTAICHi's presenter consults with Hong Kong Polytechnic Tai Chi research laboratory (see photo)

The meditation aspect of SMARTAICHI can improve focus, and mental flexibility, and your body's proprioception (awareness of your body in space) so that you find yourself reacting more quickly and efficiently in normal activities as well as in sports performance. Meditation and Tai Chi are proven to increase brain size and improve our mind-body response time.

Also, the "relaxed motion" focus of Tai Chi, augmented by SMARTAICHI's Qigong Meditation aspect, enables every swing, push and pull to be a whole body movement by relaxing out of the way of the force coming from the motion of one's "center of gravity" in the pelvis, known as the "Dan Tien" in Tai Chi.

The ancient Chinese practice of tai chi has become widely recognized as one of the most powerful ways to improve both physical and mental health. In an increasing number of recent studies, tai chi has been found to heal– almost everything , from lowering blood pressure … to managing stress … to building strength and balance. HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL - HARVARD HEALTH



"So, at work we had a company Dodge Ball match, and I did not want to get picked. But, there was a woman on the other side, so they--the Marines I work with--recruited ME to play on their side.

I ran back and forth, dodging the hard thrown balls ... until I noticed that "I" was the only one left on our team! WOW! I thought.

I know it was the SMARTAICHI training, learning to move from my center of gravity, my Dan Tien, in a relaxed and solid way. I won the match that day in a group of much larger Marines."

-- Leawood, KS SMARTAICHI student

"My nephews goaded me into going to Top Golf to hit some golf balls. I am NOT a golfer. But, we got there and I took a swing, and man, that ball took off like a rocket down the fairway. I was as stunned as my nephews, and I know it was from the SMARTAICHI training. Relaxing the body, swinging from the Dan Tien, etc."
-- Leawood, KS SMARTAICHI student

Video - Bill Douglas teaches the "Amazing Un-Bendable Arm"

Bill's best-selling Tai Chi book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tai Chi & Qigong" explains how Tai Chi teaches us an effortless approach to our lives ... and how in that effortless way we find we are much more powerful than when tense and straining through life.

This videos is an excerpt from the nearly 150 web-video support videos for Bill's book "CIG to Tai Chi & Qigong" (4th editions) based on his unique SMARTAICHI Program

Renowned athletes and tai chi and qigong ...

Tiger Woods university golf coach has written about how he believes that Tiger Woods exposure to Qigong (Chi Kung) as a boy, when his father had practiced Qigong with young Tiger, was a formative part of his amazing golf swing.

NBA great Robert Parish swore by Tai Chi, and he believed Tai Chi extended his career for many years ... as Parish played many years longer than is the average retirement age in the intense sport of professional basketball.